Benazir Nashonuma


Benazir Nashonuma is a Conditional Cash Transfer intervention to increase the uptake of Health and Nutrition services of its beneficiaries.

The primary objectives of the intervention are:

i- To prevent stunting in children under two years of age

ii- Improved weight gain of pregnant women during pregnancy

iii- Reduce anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies

iv- Improved awareness of maternal and early child health and nutrition

v- Reduced disease burden through improved uptake of available health and nutrition services

vi- Prevent low birth weight

The programme aims to address stunting among pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and their children less than 2 years of age through the provision of additional cash of PKR 2,000 per quarter per PLW and boy child and PKR 2,500/- per quarter per girl child of BISP beneficiary families. In return, mothers must commit to attending regular antenatal health checks and awareness sessions during pregnancy, consuming specialized nutritious food (SNF), and taking their children for immunization and regular health checks.

Initially, the programme was piloted in 14 districts of the country. After successful implementation of pilot BISP Board approved rollout of the programme throughout the country. Presently, Nashonuma Programme is operationalized in 45 districts of the country and it is expected that Facilitation Centers at district level will be operationalized across the country by end of August 2022.