Ehsaas Technical and Stakeholder committees

 Ehsaas Committees


Metrics Committee The Committee will oversee related metrics and the independent means of verification. The first meeting will be held on December 16.
Poverty Alleviation Coordination Council The Council has a wide-ranging mandate from coordination of fragmented social safety net arrangements and planning to catalyzing research and policy support to various entities.
The Ehsaas Rural Value chain for Entrepreneurship initiative  The multi-sectoral Ehsaas Value Chain Building Committee has been constituted to shape a value chain building policy to address rural challenges particularly small landholdings, subsistence farming, exploitation by extractive Aarhtis (middlemen) and stress selling. Its first meeting has been held.
The Ehsaas Labour Expert Group The Ehsaas Labour Expert Group has been constituted with a mandate to develop recommendations to bring informal workers into the social safety nets. The expert group has furnished a report with recommendations. Currently under review.
Pakistan National Nutrition Coordination Council The Government of Pakistan has institutionalized the inter-ministerial Pakistan National Nutrition Coordination Council, headed by the Prime Minister with eight cabinet ministers sitting on the task force. Its secretariat is at Ehsaas. Details here.
Ehsaas Partners Forum A Partners forum has been established under Ehsaas to improve coordination among all stakeholders and partners—including private sector and civil society. And to provide integrated, coherent and aligned technical support for the implementation of Ehsaas strategy. The Forum’s first meeting has been held.