Ehsaas Press Releases

17-January-2022 Pakistan leads declaration on global social protection platforms
16-January-2022 Sania joins global leaders at Expo Dubai 2020 to kick off Global Goals Week
11-January-2022 Cabinet Ministers visit One Window Ehsaas Center in Sitara Market
10-January-2022 Over 40 Diplomatic Corps briefed on “Declaration on Establishing a Global Social Protection Knowledge Platform”
10-January-2022 Sania stocktakes Ehsaas Rashan Registration with NBP; 500 officials attended
08-January-2022 Sania opens Ehsaas Nashonuma Center in Khanewal
07-January-2022 Sania leads Ehsaas Rashan Registration drive in Multan
06-January-2022 Ehsaas Survey of 34.41 million families concludes nationwide: Sania
05-January-2022 Integration completed between USC and NBP for Ehsaas Rashan Riayat
04-January-2022 Ehsaas and FIA join hands against swindlers defrauding Ehsaas beneficiaries 
03-January-2022 Ehsaas and CDA to run capital wide Ehsaas Rashan Registration Drive: Sania
03-January-2022 Ehsaas Undergrad Scholarship portal closes with 122,744 new applications including those of 652 transgenders
02-January-2022 Sania inaugurates the first ever ginger harvest in Pakistan
30-December-2021 Sania lauds top performers in Ehsaas School Stipends enrollment drive
29-December-2021 Sania keynotes poverty alleviation consultation with members of GB Assembly
23-December-2021 67% families in earthquake hit Harnai paid out Ehsaas Emergency Cash
22-December-2021 PM unveils plan for purpose built new Panagahs
21-December-2021 Sania briefs CS and district administrations of Punjab on Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Registration
17-December-2021 ECC approves 8% Ehsaas Rashan Commission for Kiryana retailers
16-December-2021 Executive Director World Food Programme richly lauds Ehsaas Nashonuma
15-December-2021 President hails One Window Ehsaas Center in Islamabad
14-December-2021 9.6 million families and over 10,000 Kiryana stores have registered in Ehsaas Rashan program so far overwhelming response to the program
10-December-2021 Ehsaas and NCSW join forces for welfare of women and girls
8-December-2021 PM launches registration drive of Ehsaas Rashan Riayat in KP
7-December-2021 Sania inaugurates Pak-Afghan Bilateral Dialogue in Islamabad
7-December-2021 PM will visit Peshawar to support registration drive of Ehsaas Rashan Riayat
3-December-2021 Sania chairs international consultative clinic on food subsidy reform
2-December-2021 PM chairs Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Registration briefing
29-November-2021 Last date to apply for Ehsaas Undergrad Scholarship extended till Dec 31: Sania
26-November-2021 Sania briefs KP Parliamentarians on Ehsaas Rashan Registration in Peshawar
25-November-2021 Ehsaas Rashan 30 City Tour: Sania creates awareness on Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Registration in Lahore
22-November-2021 8171 service opens for Ehsaas Rashan Registration
18-November-2021 Third Leg of Ehsaas Rashan 30 City Tour; Sania covers 10 small cities 
16-November-2021 Pakistan and China to collaborate on poverty eradication
14-November-2021 Sania covers eight small cities this Sunday on the second leg of Ehsaas Rashan tour to 30 cities
13-November-2021 Sania kicks off tour of 30 cities to register retailers in Ehsaas Rashan Riayat
12-November-2021 Sania constitutes a joint working group with PTA, Security Agencies and Ehsaas to combat cyber frauds in the name of Ehsaas
11-November-2021 Federal Government fully determined to grant 35% Ehsaas Rashan subsidy to Sindh and Balochistan
9-November-2021 Ehsaas Rashan Portal opens to enroll low-income families and small Kiryana merchants Dr. Sania herself enrolls first Kiryana merchant on the Ehsaas Rashan registration portal
3-November-2021 PM announces Rs. 120 billion Ehsaas Rashan; congratulates Ehsaas team on completion of Ehsaas Survey
1-November-2021 Post-earthquake payments of Ehsaas relief cash commence to all families of Harnai
29-October-2021 Steering committee of Ehsaas targeted subsidies approves programme design
28-October-2021 All preps complete to disburse Ehsaas relief cash in Harnai next week: Sania
23-October-2021 Sania makes a surprise visit to Ehsaas Registration Desks in Lahore
20-October-2021 Sania speaks at 2021 IMF-WB Human Capital Ministerial Conclave
19-October-2021 Sania keynotes China’s high-level global rural development forum that brought together leaders from the developing world
16-October-2021 Sania launches One Window Ehsaas’ National Data Exchange Platform on the World Poverty Day
15-October-2021 Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar, SAPM’s Statement on International Day of Rural Women
14-October-2021 Sania and Chief Secretary KP visit One Window Ehsaas Center in Islamabad Preps underway to scaleup One Window Centers of Ehsaas in KP: Sania
13-October-2021 Ehsaas Education Stipends empowering the poor to send their girls to schools: Sania
12-October-2021 Under Ehsaas policy, BISP board approves “Bell Curve Concept” for employee performance management
11-October-2021 Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar, SAPM’s Statement on “International Day of the Girl Child”
10-October-2021 Sania visits border areas in South Balochistan
9-October-2021 Prime Minister announces Ehsaas relief cash package for all the families in earthquake hit Harnai Rs. 12,000 Ehsaas relief cash to be provided universally to all families of Harnai: Sania
8-October-2021 UN terms Ehsaas as international best practice
7-October-2021 PM lauds preparations for Ehsaas targeted subsidies
6-October-2021 Independent evaluation recommends national scaleup of Ehsaas Nashonuma;99.37% Ehsaas Nashonuma recipients are satisfied with the program
30-September-2021 Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship portal reopens
29-September-2021 Sania joins UNGA meeting on social protection with Heads of State and Government
28-September-2021 Ehsaas Rehribaan recognizes street vendors as legitimate Economic Player: Sania
27-September-2021 Government of Pakistan hosts UNGA’s high-level side event on uplifting girls and women
24-September-2021 Sania joins Presidents of Botswana and Costa Rica at UNGA side event on Poverty
23-September-2021 Ehsaas and Serena Hotels ink MoU to improve quality in Islamabad Panagahs
22-September-2021 Ehsaas Undergrad Scholarship portal to reopen on Sep 30; Sania mandates further transparency measures
18-September-2021 Pakistan takes leadership in the creation of Global Social Protection Platform
17-September-2021 Sania joins WB panel discussion in Washington on Harnessing Technology to Build Human Capital in South Asia
13-September-2021 International Development Partners visit One Window Ehsaas Center in Sitara Market;Widely laud the One Window Ehsaas operations facilitating common man
11-September-2021 Sania keynotes South Asia COVID-19 Conference at Brown University
9-September-2021 Sania chairs Ehsaas field conference; 300 officers join online nationwide 
8-September-2021 Digital Monitoring of Ehsaas Panagahs on the anvil: Sania
7-September-2021 Sania and CS Balochistan visit One Window Ehsaas Center in Sitara Market CS Balochistan assures Ehsaas to facilitate opening of similar One Stop Shop, Ehsaas Centers in Balochistan
6-September-2021 Ehsaas Nashonuma review workshop held to expand its outreach nationwide
3-September-2021 Sania announces opening of Ehsaas 8171 web-portal in Battagram 
2-September-2021 Sania attends HEC-USAID Scholarship event 
1-September-2021 PM launches nationwide Ehsaas Education Stipends: Girls get a higher stipend amount
31-August-2021 PM to launch the Ehsaas Education Stipends programme tomorrow
30-August-2021 Ehsaas inks MoUs with the Federal Ministry of Education and Provinces for Ehsaas Education Stipends
26-August-2021 Three Years of Government and Ehsaas
25-August-2021 On PM’s directives, the newly formed Ehsaas Panagah Advisory Council meets for the first time 13 new Ehsaas Panagahs opening soon in the country
24-August-2021 Newly formed Board of TVO meets under the Ehsaas umbrella
20-August-2021 PM announces expansion of Ehsaas Koye Bhooka Na Soye Food Trucks
11-August-2021 Sania opens international workshop organized by PARC and ICIMOD
7-August-2021 Sania visits the recently opened Ehsaas Registration Desks in Lahore Says Ehsaas Registration Desks opening nationwide in August
5-August-2021 Steering Committee of Ehsaas Tahafuz ratifies programme scale-up to all federating units
4-August-2021 Hartwig Schafer congratulates Ehsaas on its incredible role Many lessons can be learnt by developed and developing countries from Ehsaas: Hartwig Schafer
1-August-2021 Sania opens Pak Korea Nutrition Center under Ehsaas Framework; Ehsaas awards 1868 Ehsaas Undergrad Scholarships at University of Agriculture Faisalabad this year
31-July-2021 PM approves the One Window Ehsaas Policy One Window Center to be opened in every district: Sania
30-July-2021 Sania makes a surprise visit to Holy Family Hospital to stocktake Ehsaas Tahafuz interventions Ehsaas Tahafuz to be upscaled soon to 14 tertiary care hospitals nationwide: Sania
29-July-2021 Cart Financing Window Opens under Ehsaas Rehribaan Initiative in Islamabad: Sania
28-July-2021 Dr. Sania highlights Ehsaas Tahafuz at WHO’s High Level Global Talk Show 
20-July-2021 Sania highlights Pakistan’s role in bolstering girls’ education at SCO Forum
20-July-2021 Ehsaas Digital Hunar programme on the anvil: Sania
15-July-2021 Nigerian Delegation visits Ehsaas
14-July-2021 ADB’s policy dialogue in Tokyo commends Ehsaas for its effective outreach and transparent delivery systems
14-July-2021 Sania chairs the meeting of steering committee for Ehsaas Targeted Subsidies 
8-July-2021 Pakistan leads a high-level side event in New York on social protection. Governments of Finland and Costa Rica, World Bank and UNDESA co-host 
7-July-2021 Sania represents Pakistan at UN’s high-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
4-July-2021 Ehsaas utilizes 100% of its budget in 2 consecutive years
1-July-2021 Sub-committee of PAC richly praises Ehsaas
30-June-2021 Sania Nishtar holds open house with media at One Window Ehsaas Center
28-June-2021 All Transgenders declared eligible in Ehsaas Kafaalat; Ehsaas school stipends extended to higher secondary level: Sania
26-June-2021 Sania addresses a news briefing on Ehsaas survey in Lahore
25-June-2021 Sania announces Ehsaas primary school graduation bonus of Rs. 3000 for girls
24-June-2021 Sania keynotes two events hosted by IPU and WFP on food systems and social protection
22-June-2021 Dr. Sania visits QAU to hold a policy dialogue on Ehsaas Scholarships with leaders of tomorrow
17-June-2021 Steering Committee for Ehsaas’ education CCTs endorses scale-up of stipends for secondary education
16-June-2021 Ehsaas opens digital platform with people centered instructional information on Ehsaas benefits
13-June-2021 Ehsaas Registration Desks to open after June 30: Sania convenes joint e-Kacheri through Radio Pakistan and FB
10-June-2021 51% girls and 4% minorities amongst 69,130 scholarship recipients for FY2020/21;Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Steering Committee reviews disbursement process
8-June-2021 Prime Minister will open the first One Window Ehsaas Center tomorrow We will make One Window Centers in every district: Sania
6-June-2021 Sania approves Cognitive API architecture for Ehsaas’ One Window Socioeconomic Registry; congratulates team
2-June-2021 Joint statement of ECO countries on poverty alleviation; Pakistan to take the lead: Sania Nishtar
31-May-2021 Forty IT policies for Ehsaas beneficiaries approved to-date
26-May-2021 Children of Ehsaas beneficiaries to be trained on financial and digital literacy for better impact: Sania
24-May-2021 UNSGSA Queen Máxima of Netherlands congratulates Ehsaas on the launch of Ehsaas Savings Wallets
23-May-2021 PM to launch of Ehsaas’ Mobile Saving Wallets initiative tomorrow
21-May-2021 Sania tracks progress of Ehsaas’ executing agencies through new M&E dashboard
20-May-2021 Sania stocktakes Ehsaas IFL progress and expansion 
15-May-2021 World Bank recognizes Ehsaas Emergency Cash among top 4 social protection interventions globally in terms of number of people covered
7-May-2021 Lessons learnt from Ehsaas are relevant beyond Pakistan’s national borders: Sania; Sania keynotes UN-ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum 2021
5-May-2021 Dr. Sania speaks to all DCs of Balochistan in presence of CS Balochistan
4-May-2021 Dr. Sania joins the Asian Development Bank’s annual meeting seminar on women-centered recovery for a more inclusive post-COVID future
3-May-2021 Dr. Sania meets ‘Ehsaas Rehribaans’ to gains insights for refining street vending ecosystem
1-May-2021 PM’s Ehsaas launches ‘Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas Report’ to safeguard labour welfare
29-April-2021 PM to inaugurate 3 important Ehsaas initiatives tomorrow in GB
28-April-2021 Prime Minister opens ‘Ehsaas: Koye Bhooka Na Soye Fund’ for public donations
17-April-2021 CM GB and Dr. Sania agree on accelerated Ehsaas collaboration in GB; Ehsaas & GB to cost-share and open Ehsaas Nashonuma Center in every GB district
15-April-2021 PM to review Ehsaas Kafaalat disbursal operations in Sukkur, Sindh
13-April-2021 Ehsaas 8171 scheme opens, Ehsaas Kafaalat payments begin: Sania
10-April-2021 PM to inaugurate multi-city roll out of Ehsaas Koi Bhooka Na Soye tomorrow
8-April-2021 Ehsaas pioneers orphanage living standards, the first in the Muslim World
7-April-2021 Sania appraises Ehsaas Tahafuz operations at Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi
6-April-2021 Sania talks about the “Invisible Scaffold” at the World Bank-IMF spring meetings 2021 
5-April-2021 PM’s ‘Ehsaas Koi Bhooka Na Soye’ to open in 3 cities before Ramadan
3-April-2021 Ehsaas to introduce stipends to promote secondary education in July; girls will get higher stipend than boys
2-April-2021 Ehsaas survey is 78% complete and is progressing smoothly to accomplish by June: Sania
1-April-2021 Sania Nishtar represents Pakistan at the World Bank’s annual meeting
29-March-2021 2 years of Prime Minister’s Ehsaas
25-March-2021 On PM’s instructions, Ehsaas opens 11 new Panagahs this year
24-March-2021 Sania chairs Ehsaas Governance Observatory’s stocktake meeting
22-March-2021 Sania visits G-11 to review street hawkers’ economy firsthand
20-March-2021 Pakistan’s Ehsaas Emergency Cash programme averted an economic catastrophe: International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth
19-March-2021 Ehsaas steering committee approves transition of Waseela-e-Taleem Digital to secondary level schooling
18-March-2021 Ehsaas completes IT integration with Utility Stores Corporation
17-March-2021 Sania chairs final meeting on the Ehsaas Private Sector Engagement Policy 
11-March-2021 Ehsaas considering expansion of education stipends for secondary schools
10-March-2021 Sania convenes policy discourse for prospective commercialization of specialized nutritious food under Ehsaas
9-March-2021 Dr. Nishtar showcases Ehsaas 50% plus benefits policy for women in five international events on IWD; Women centered
post-COVID strategy of Ehsaas widely lauded internationally
8-March-2021 Ehsaas empowering disadvantaged women and girls through 50% plus benefits: Nishtar
4-March-2021 Ehsaas working to improve ecosystem for Street Hawkers: Sania
2-March-2021 Pak-China collaboration around poverty alleviation on the anvil
26-February-2021 One Window Ehsaas opening soon: Sania 
25-February-2021 Rs. 5 billion being ploughed into Ehsaas Interest Free Loan; Nishtar reviews the roadmap to upscale Ehsaas IFL
24-February-2021 Nishtar holds 5th news conference on Ehsaas Survey in a month; opens Ehsaas survey in Sargodha to determine deserving households for Kafaalat
23-February-2021 Sania opens control room to oversee Ehsaas stipends for primary school children
22-February-2021 Seventh Steering Committee Meeting for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship approves Rs. 6.53 Billion for 67,000 scholarships in 2020-21
18-February-2021 Nishtar chairs Ehsaas Amdan’s first anniversary review meeting
15-February-2021 Nishtar releases a compilation of 40 instructional videos to create awareness for new enrollees in Ehsaas Kafaalat
11-February-2021 Nishtar opens Ehsaas Survey in Lahore to identify deserving families; encourages Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship awardees
9-February-2021 Ehsaas survey 68% complete, payments to new Ehsaas Kafaalat beneficiaries will commence tomorrow
4-February-2021 Ehsaas approves standards for private sector orphanages
1-February-2021 International development partners’ delegation lauds successes achieved by Ehsaas in KP
28-January-2021 PM to meet Ehsaas beneficiaries in Sahiwal
27-January-2021 Nishtar opens facilitation desk for Ehsaas Tahafuz pilot at the Holy Family Hospital
25-January-2021 Sania holds policy dialogue on Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship in Women University Mardan; visits Ehsaas survey site
21-January-2021 Ehsaas Catastrophic Health Expenditure Policy on the anvil
20-January-2021 More than 25% population of South Waziristan to benefit from Ehsaas this year: Nishtar
17-January-2021 6 Ehsaas Nashonuma Centres opening in Kalat and Zhob districts of Balochistan
16-January-2021 Sania convenes consultation on standardized beneficiary targeting for the upcoming One Window Ehsaas service
12-January-2021 ‘Ehsaas Delivery Unit’ inaugurated to coordinate results-based operations
11-January-2021 Ehsaas Nashonuma steering committee meets for the first time to discuss the roadmap for scaling it up; 48 Ehsaas Nashonuma Centres in 13 districts
9-January-2021 Dr. Sania Nishtar briefs four tribal Jirgas in South Waziristan and Tank; launches survey in South Waziristan
8-January-2021 Sania inspects progress of Ehsaas survey in Dera Ismail Khan
7-January-2021 Ehsaas Cash payments to families of dead beneficiaries ongoing till Feb 28, 2021
6-January-2021 Sania Nishtar convenes the maiden meeting of the Ehsaas steering committee for Waseela-e-Taleem Digital
1-January-2021 Ehsaas touched the lives of half the country’s population in 2020; Sania 
30-December-2020 Sania says Ehsaas will invite hackers to identify digital security vulnerabilities
17-December-2020 Sania inaugurates digitally enabled Ehsaas survey in Sialkot; Ehsaas survey to be completed countrywide before June 2021
10-December-2020 Sir Michael Barber’s independent report says Ehsaas represents shift from politics of patronage to politics of performance
5-December-2020 Ehsaas launches web-portal for Ehsaas Kafaalat beneficiaries to report biometric failures; Sania visits several Kafaalat campsites this week to review payment operations
3-December-2020 Ehsaas Kafaalat Policy for special persons launched; 2 million households to benefit
2-December-2020 Sania urges Ehsaas Kafaalat beneficiaries to make use of ATMS for cash withdrawals
1-December-2020 Sania visits newly opened Ehsaas Kafaalat Payment Site in Tarnol; reviews construction work of Tarnol Panagah
30-November-2020 International policymakers applaud Ehsaas’ whole of the government approach at UNDP’s #NextGenGov event
27-November-2020 Ehsaas Kafaalat payments for July-December kick off. Prime Minister briefed on integrity measures taken to protect the payment system
24-November-2020 Sania Nishtar on the list of BBC 100 Women 2020
21-November-2020 Sania appeals to citizens, asks them to participate in the Ehsaas Survey
16-November-2020 Prime Minister’s COVID Relief Fund sets a precedent: transparent expenditure trail of 4.8 billion revealed
12-November-2020 Dr. Sania unveils details about nationwide roll out of massively reformed Waseela-e-Taleem, under the Ehsaas umbrella
11-November-2020 BISP Board meets for the 43rd time under the chair of SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar; approves support for multiple social protection initiatives
9-November-2020 SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar hails advent of first ever MRCP (UK) PACES exams in Pakistan
7-November-2020 Sania convenes Ehsaas Governance Observatory meeting to track the policy compliance
6-November-2020 Ehsaas to structure ‘One Window Initiative’ featuring physical and digital interfaces: Sania
5-November-2020 Sania lauds trainees of Ehsaas Women Empowerment Centre; listens to voices of the least heard segment
4-November-2020 Sania stocktakes Ehsaas initiatives in field to review the success
3-November-2020 Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division explores options for street vending legislation
31-October-2020 Turkey’s world-renowned chef and internet celebrity Burak Ozdemir visits a Panagah in Islamabad
30-October-2020 Eid Milad un Nabi celebrated at all Panagahs in the federal capital with full religious fervour; special meals served
29-October-2020 Closing Date of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship applications extended till Nov 30
18-October-2020 Sania represents Pakistan at the World Bank’s poverty open event ‘End Poverty Day 2020: Surmounting Setbacks’
17-October-2020 Ehsaas celebrates World Poverty Day; event highlights social and environmental protection linkages
14-October-2020 Sania presents post COVID-19 Ehsaas strategy at an Asian intergovernmental event
13-October-2020 Sania addresses high-level South Asian event at World Bank-IMF Annual Meeting
10-October-2020 Sania reviews Ehsaas Registrations Desks in Charsadda
9-October-2020 Sania and CM KP Mehmood Khan agree on the roadmap to upgrade Panagah standards across KP
8-October-2020 Dr. Sania Nishtar keynotes international meeting hosted by Indonesian government  
5-October-2020 Pakistan one of the top ranked countries in Asia with highest response to social protection amid COVID-19: International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
4-October-2020 Pakistan National Nutrition Coordination Council meets tomorrow under the chair of the Prime Minister
2-October-2020 Dr. Sania reviews progress of Ehsaas Governance Observatory
30-September-2020 Deadline of Ehsaas Cash payments extended; Payments to those with biometric failure and to the families of dead to continue till Oct 30, 2020
29-September-2020 Dr. Sania Nishtar highlights Ehsaas nutrition approach at an event hosted by Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition and FAO
24-September-2020 Pakistan and Chile co-host high-level poverty event at 75th UNGA; 6 Heads of State and Government demonstrate commitment to tackle poverty
22-September-2020 Pakistan’s COVID-19 response globally lauded at high-level CGD event
21-September-2020 Pakistan’s COVID-19 response will be featured at a high-level CGD event tomorrow
16-September-2020 Ehsaas opens portal to facilitate emergency cash beneficiaries in last 15 days
15-September-2020 Ehsaas shifts to accrual accounting system
12-September-2020 Sania Nishtar visits many Ehsaas projects in Multan and Rajanpur over the weekend
11-September-2020 Sania Nishtar visits Ehsaas Nashonuma Centre and reviews Ehsaas survey operations at Rajanpur
8-September-2020 Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship portal reopens to receive online applications for academic year 2020-21
7-September-2020 PM visits the remodelled Panagah at Tarlai Islamabad
6-September-2020 Dr. Sania reviews Ehsaas operations in Neelam Valley, visits affected households 
31-August-2020 Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship portal will open on Sep 5 to receive applications for year 2020-21
27-August-2020 SAPM Sania oversees mobile wallet testing in the field to introduce cashless banking for the vulnerable 
21-August-2020 Ehsaas newsletter highlights 15-month remarkable journey of social protection in Pakistan
18-August-2020 PM’s Ehsaas on the course of combatting poverty to create a welfare state- a 15 month journey
13-August-2020 Prime Minister unveils groundbreaking Ehsaas Nashonuma program 
12-August-2020 Prime Minister Khan to launch Ehsaas Nashonuma tomorrow in KP
8-August-2020 Ehsaas survey kicks off in KP; Sania herself enrolls first household in Malakand
5-August-2020 Sania Nishtar joins a ministerial roundtable hosted by UN Women in Bangkok
30-July-2020 International development partners congratulate Dr. Sania for releasing the flagship report on Ehsaas Emergency Cash
28-July-2020 Ehsaas introduces ‘Know Your Status web-portal’ to facilitate applicants of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program
27-July-2020 Newly released edition of ‘Ehsaas Newsletter’ underscores the journey of this ground-breaking program amid COVID times
21-July-2020 Cabinet appreciates first of its kind report on Ehsaas Emergency Cash authored by Dr. Sania Nishtar
16-July-2020 Ehsaas Emergency Cash program budget increased to Rs. 203 billion; Program will reach 16.9 million: Sania
3-July-2020 Pakistan’s ground-breaking apolitical program Ehsaas delivers wide-ranging social protection response to multimillion disadvantaged families suffering from COVID-19
2-July-2020 Dr. Sania briefs diplomats on Ehsaas Emergency Cash: Pakistan’s social protection response to COVID-19
1-July-2020 Sania Nishtar joins President Buhari of Nigeria and Antonio Gutteres during launch of UN’s Poverty Eradication Alliance
24-June-2020 CM KP Mehmood Khan and SAPM Sania Nishtar open Ehsaas Langar in Peshawar and visit Ehsaas payment site
22-June-2020 Assistance through Ehsaas Rashan Portal commences, PM COVID Web-portal and the Ehsaas Langar and Panahgah App unveiled
21-June-2020 PM will open Ehsaas initiatives to empower civil society for the COVID response
11-June-2020 Ehsaas Emergency Cash beneficiaries crossed the 10 million mark in nine weeks
4-June-2020 Ehsaas comes up with supplementary payment solution to serve beneficiaries with defying biometric identification
19-May-2020 Sania outlines process for reaching out to 6 million category-4 beneficiaries under Ehsaas Emergency Cash channelled through PM-COVID19 funds
18-May-2020 PM COVID 19 Funded-Ehsaas Emergency Cash disbursal commences to Job-loss affectees
11-May-2020 Ehsaas serves 7.512 million families in a month, distributes Rs. 91.611 billion
8-May-2020 Disguised in Burqa, Sania visits Ehsaas Payment sites
4-May-2020 Dr. Sania reviews arrangements at newly opened NADRA centers in Islamabad
2-May-2020 Prime Minister launches web-portal for COVID 19 livelihood-loss-affectees
24-April-2020 In the interest of transparency Ehsaas launches Emergency Cash Information Portal; All emergency cash applicants to get responses within 15 days: Dr. Sania
21-April-2020 Prime Minister opens the Ehsaas Rashan Portal
15-April-2020 Ehsaas Emergency Cash payment commences to category-2 enrolled through 8171
14-April-2020 Branchless banking retailers incentivised by the Cabinet; Ehsaas Emergency Cash SMS registration will continue till April 19: Dr. Sania
13-April-2020 Dr. Sania vows stern action against fraudsters arrested
12-April-2020 Dr. Sania spends time on a Sunday in the Ehsaas Emergency Call Centre
11-April-2020 Ehsaas disburses Rs. 13.18 billion to 1.098 million people in 60 hours amidst COVID-19 crisis. 40 retailers arrested
9-April-2020 Social distancing is priority as Ehsaas commences Emergency Cash Payments
19-Mar-2020 Ehsaas promotes coronavirus preventive measures while running social protection operations
17-Mar-2020 Ehsaas ensures people’s health and wellness in making Kafaalat payments amid Corona outbreak
10-Mar-2020 PM launches Ehsaas Data4Pakistan portal to steer evidence driven decision making in social welfare solutions
9-Mar-2020 PM launches Ehsaas Kafaalat in KP to uplift disadvantaged women across the province
6-Mar-2020 Dr. Sania Nishtar spot checks Ehsaas Kafaalat Registration Desks at Haripur
2-Mar-2020 PM grants need based Ehsaas scholarships to leaders of tomorrow
28-Feb-2020 PM will give away Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships on March 2: Dr. Sania Nishtar
26-Feb-2020 Dr. Sania Nishtar sits on the grounds of QAU to discuss Ehsaas Scholarships
24-Feb-2020 Ehsaas convenes big data analytics consultation with stakeholders
20-Feb-2020 Dr. Nishtar inaugurates WB’s Second Human Capital Summit in Islamabad
18-Feb-2020 PM will inaugurate the Ehsaas Amdan (income) programme on February 21
15-Feb-2020 FAO and Ehsaas explore options to drive forward the progressive agriculture and nutrition agenda
10-Feb-2020 Women Empowerment at the heart of Ehsaas: Dr. Sania delivers keynote at GLWE Roundtable
6-Feb-2020 Dr. Sania makes global recommendations to reduce killer diseases
4-Feb-2020 Ehsaas determined to reshaping women entrepreneurship
30-Jan-2020 Government’s Bold decision to depoliticize Safety nets: Quaid’s picture to be on Ehsaas Kafaalat cards
27-Jan-2020 Ehsaas Innovative digital payment system for poorest women introduced in KP
26-Jan-2020 Pakistan Post Foundation helps deliver new flagship Ehsaas Kifalat
24-Jan-2020 Biometric ATMs enabled Ehsaas digital payment system made operational
23-Jan-2020 JICA Mission keen to collaborate with PM’s Ehsaas Programme
23-Jan-2020 Ehsaas has multiple initiatives that can utilize digital technologies to target neediest population effectively: Dr. Sania
22-Jan-2020 12th CSR Summit 2020- Dr. Sania Nishtar says special system to be launched in three months to ensure transparency in spending private sector donations for Ehsaas programme
18-Jan-2020 SAPM Dr. Sania Nishtar addresses leading business and international delegates at Memon Leadership Conference
17-Jan-2020 Second Ehsaas Saylani Langar opens in Islamabad
16-Jan-2020 Dr. Sania continues drawing on field visits to ensure results-driven implementation of Ehsaas
14-Jan-2020 The third Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships Project Steering Committee met in Islamabad to discuss progress and next steps
9-Jan-2020 President Hails Ehsaas Inclusive Disability Policies
8-Jan-2020 Ehsaas and UBL explore options to improve financial access of disadvantaged 
3-Jan-2020 A delegation of women MPAs from KP briefed on Ehsaas
2-Jan-2020 Dr. Sania Nishtar paid unannounced visits in Islamabad to enquire about quality of Ehsaas social welfare programmes
30-Dec-2019 Interest free loans worth Rs 500 Million rolled out for people of Sindh under Ehsaas Program
19-Dec-2019 MPs visit Ehsaas Saylani Langar in the capital
16-Dec-2019 Oxford University professor praises Ehsaas
14-Dec-2019 Ehsaas ties the knot with Facebook
13-Dec-2019 New Ehsaas Poverty Index Key to Tackling Poverty
12-Dec-2019 Ehsaas discusses UNDP’s Human Development Report
11-Dec-2019 Improving Learning Outcomes and Investing in Girls & Women Crucial to Pakistan’s Sustained Growth
10-Dec-2019 The Ehsaas Labour Expert Group’s recommendations report in the pipeline
8-Dec-2019 SDG Hackathon 2019 concludes with the remarks of Dr. Nishtar
6-Dec-2019 Pakistan: National Survey on Violence against Healthcare Workers launched
3-Dec-2019 All Pakistan Women Chambers’ Presidents call on Sania Nishtar to seek partnership under Ehsaas
2-Dec-2019 All Pakistan Women Chambers Summit celebrates women in business
30-Nov-2019 SAPM Dr. Nishtar urges graduates to face challenges with courage and perseverance
29-Nov-2019 HRH Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan and Sania Nishtar Commit to addressing malnutrition in the 1000 days window
26-Nov-2019 Prime Minister Khan launches flagship Ehsaas financial inclusion initiatives
25-Nov-2019 Prime Minister Khan to launch flagship Ehsaas financial strategy
21-Nov-2019 KP Cabinet briefed about Ehsaas
20-Nov-2019 Ehsaas to partner with Facebook on malnutrition ‘Hackathon’
18-Nov-2019 TVO Board meets after 6 years
15-Nov-2019 Development partners, UN agencies and international organizations join forces for Ehsaas
15-Nov-2019 Roll out of Ehsaas Governance and Integrity Policy and Observatory begins
14-Nov-2019 Ehsaas leader champions women in the economy
12-Nov-2019 Ehsaas Governance and Integrity Observatory and Policy Aims to Tackle Corruption
12-Nov-2019 New Innovative Financing Key to Tackling Extreme Poverty
8-Nov-2019 PM’s Inter-Ministerial Pakistan National Nutrition Task Coordination Council convenes its first meeting
4-Nov-2019 PM announces 200,000 need based undergraduate scholarships under Ehsaas to uplift the unprivileged
2-Nov-2019 WB president visits BISP headquarters
30-Oct-2019 Dr. Nishtar inaugurates PPAF’s International Conference on Research and Learning- ‘Beyond Action, Towards Transformation’
26-Oct-2019 Vice Chancellors Welcome Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme
25-Oct-2019 The multisectoral Ehsaas Value Chain Building Committee meets for the first time
22-Oct-2019 The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition lauds the constitution of Inter-ministerial Nutrition Taskforce under Ehsaas
21-Oct-2019 Senate Standing Committee discusses BISP - USC collaboration
19-Oct-2019 Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and PPAF sign MoU to exploit synergy within Ehsaas for women empowerment
17-Oct-2019 Dr. Sania receives D.Sc from Kings College London
15-Oct-2019 Logic behind Langar
7-Oct-2019 PM launches ‘Ehsaas Langar Scheme’ under a public private partnership
6-Oct-2019 Ehsaas Langar, one of the top priorities of the Prime Minister is all set to be inaugurated in Islamabad
3-Oct-2019 Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships to be launched this month
2-Oct-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar represents Federal Government in Mirpur
2-Oct-2019 Ehsaas teams up with Saylani Welfare International Trust to feed the needy
1-Oct-2019 Dr. Sania exhibits Ehsaas on the sidelines of UNGA 74
23-Sep-2019 Dr. Nishtar champions women in business at launch of US-Pakistan Women’s Council mentoring campaign
17-Sep-2019 The Ehsaas Strategy
16-Sep-2019 Landmark Ehsaas Strategy document unveiled for feedback
11-Sep-2019 Punjab Cabinet welcomes Ehsaas Programme to forge the Federal -Punjab partnership
10-Sep-2019 BISP provides exclusive one-off tranche of PKR 1,000 for its beneficiaries
9-Sep-2019 Dr. Sania Unites Health Leaders Around Action on Biggest Killers and Impoverishing Diseases
2-Sep-2019 Ehsaas extends hand of collaboration to Balochistan
1-Sep-2019 Sania Nishtar visits provincial capitals for Ehsaas partnerships
28-Aug-2019 President Appreciates BISP initiatives being executed under Ehsaas Programme
21-Aug-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar: Ehsaas Ministry to launch Strategy Paper and website this week
19-Aug-2019 Pakistani Minister attends Harvard Ministerial Retreat as a faculty
17-Aug-2019 PM launches health plan for disabled
13-Aug-2019 Sania visits welfare homes on Eid day
9-Aug-2019 Ehsaas Communications Committee to meet every week
2-Aug-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar’s Dialogue with Youth from Merged Districts
29-Jul-2019 Multisectoral collaborations under Ehsaas
25-Jul-2019 The Ehsaas Labour Expert Group meets for the 8th time in three months
24-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar: BISP implementation research platform will be established soon
23-Jul-2019 “PASSD Ehsaas Implementation Group” agrees on future road map
19-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar visits PPAF to discuss Ehsaas’ poverty reduction plan
17-Jul-2019 Declaration of the Corporate Coalition for Viral Hepatitis Elimination in Pakistan
17-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar: “Ehsaas’ premise is grounded in the importance of fostering public-private partnerships, strengthening institutions, transparency and good governance”
15-Jul-2019 31-point Ehsaas Governance and Integrity Policy released
11-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar: ‘The Prime Minister has strongly hinged the entire agenda of Ehsaas Program on welfare of the disadvantaged, especially women”
11-Jul-2019 Interactive Dialogue to Welcome President World Economic Forum to Pakistan
10-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar: ‘Ehsaas Program wishes to draw on existing ‘knowledge and thought partnerships’
9-Jul-2019 Dr. Sania Nishtar Bridging the gaps between Federal and Provincial Governments to implement Ehsaas Program
5-Jul-2019 PM launches ‘National Poverty Graduation Initiative’ for relief of the poor
1-Jul-2019 A strategy in the pipeline for Pakistan’s Orphans
30-Jun-2019 Dr. Sania Inspires Future Generation in Lahore Graduation Speech
30-May-2019 The Ehsaas Labour Group Convenes Twice this week