World Bank’s Implementation Support Mission for Crisis-Resilient Social Protection Program (CRISP) and National Social Protection Program (NSSP), led by Mr. Amjad Zafar Khan, Senior Social Protection Specialist/Task Team Leader, visited BISP HQs today and held a meeting with Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety, Ms. Shazia Marri. During the inaugural session, the mission leader Mr. Amjad Zafar Khan apprised the Federal Minister about the main objectives of the Mission. He said that the main purpose of their visit was to review the status of progress during the last joint implementation support mission for CRISP and NSPP, identify new challenges, review plans for implementation during the next six months, and to initiate the process for holding preliminary discussions related to the preparation of report for NSPP. Ms. Shazia Marri welcomed the WB’s mission. She appreciated the role of the World Bank, as a major development partner, in providing continuous and valuable support to BISP. She acknowledged that the WB’s support has been instrumental and helped in human capital development through its health and education-related cash transfer programs. Ms. Shazia Marri termed BISP as a role model for many countries. She said the ultimate goal of the present government is to support the poor and the vulnerable, especially in the current economic situation. Federal Minister also expressed her desire to share the knowledge with the countries that want to initiate such Social Protection programs. Pakistan is also keen to learn from international best practices to provide social protection to vulnerable communities and help them to graduate out of poverty, she said. From WB’s side, Mr. Amjad Zafar Khan along with Melis U. Guven, Senior Social Protection Economist, Randa G. El-Rashidi, Social Protection Specialist and Gul Najam